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PA Electric Suppliers and Rates

Pennsylvania has one of the most active deregulated electricity markets in the country providing a highly competitive market for electric customers to shop for electric supply rates and switch to any of the PA electric suppliers that currently operate within the state and in a customer's utility territory.

Electric deregulation in Pennsylvania allows customers to choose a competitive electric supplier that is different from their utility who will supply electricity to a customer's home or business while the utility continues to deliver it, provide maintenance services and manage the billing process. The transportation and delivery services remain regulated by the state.

In the past few years, Pennsylvania's competitive retail electricity market has experienced significant growth with electric customers saving a lot of money on their utility bills each month. PA electric suppliers provide a variety of rate offers for customers to choose from including fixed and variable rates. Fixed rates are typically very popular as they provide rate security for customers with the rate being fixed for a set term stated upon enrollment. Variable rates can fluctuate month to month and can be beneficial in a market where electricity rates are going down.

PA electric customers are continuously learning that they have the power to switch to a new electric supplier and potentially save significantly on their electric bill. No fees to switch, no interruption in service - just lower rates.

Pennsylvania Electric Customers are saving money

Millions of electric customers in Pennsylvania have switched to competitive PA electric suppliers to lower their electric bills and save up to 20% on their electric supply rates. The number of licensed suppliers offering competitive rates to consumers continues to grow keeping rates as low as possible. Deregulation is open to residential, small commercial, large commercial and industrial customers in Pennsylvania looking for energy cost savings. Compare electric rates in Pennsylvania or Receive a Commercial Quote. We can help answer any questions about the PA power switch program and the savings that you can receive. Call us at 888-955-8824 or email info@maketheswitchusa.com.

History of Electric Deregulation in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania deregulated their electricity market in 1997 by passing the state's Electric Choice and Competition Act providing retail access to consumers who wanted to shop for a new electric supplier different from their utility. In order for a competitive environment to develop, they required the utilities to unbundle their services and sell off their generation assets in order to purchase power on the wholesale market along side their new competitors. However, to help protect customers from unpredictable price fluctuations, Pennsylvania utiilty companies provided rate caps during the transition period which ended up keeping competition from entering the marketplace for a number of years. In the last few years, utilities have begun lifting these rate caps. PPL was the first to lift their rate caps followed by PECO and several other utilities at the end of 2010 presenting a significant opportunity for Pennsylvania electric customers to now lower their electric bills.