Why Fixed-Rate Energy Continues to Grow


Many energy providers across the nation give their consumers at least two types of plans to choose from which include either a fixed-rate or variable-energy rate plan. As the name implies, a fixed-rate energy plan locks the consumer into one flat rate for the duration of the agreement with the supplier, which may be up…

5 Reasons to Shop for Electric Suppliers


Have you heard about the PA Power Switch? Since Pennsylvania deregulated energy, homeowners and business owners now have the ability to choose their electric supplier. Many people who shop for electric suppliers in PA do so simply because they now have the freedom of choice. Here are five other reasons why so many people are…

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient


If you’re like most homeowners I talk to, you’re always looking for ways to save money on your NJ electric rates. Most of the tips you read online are the same – shut off lights when not in use, put your electronics on a power strip and turn the power strip off, and don’t let…