Comparing and Choosing Electricity Power Suppliers In Connecticut


As a resident or business in a deregulated state such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you have the opportunity to compare and switch to a new electricity supplier and lower your bill.  However, with so many options, choosing the right service can be time consuming.

 Understanding Your Electricity Bill    

First, to choose the right electricity supplier, you need to know some things that you may not know about electricity supply. One is about the rates that you pay for power supply.  Your electricity bill is split into two portions including Generation Charges and Delivery Charges (still regulated by the utility).

  1. The Generation Supply Charge is fixed and provided by the supplier.
  2. The Delivery Charge covers the distribution and transmission charges. This will be a standard rate that is regulated in the industry.

When choosing a power supplier in Connecticut, you should switch  if you can find a lower rate than you are paying and one that is also competitive with the current utility rate.

Popular Electricity Suppliers     

Let’s cast a look at some of the leading names in electric power supply in the state of Connecticut.

  1. Constellation
  2. Direct Energy
  3. Discount Power
  4. Ambit Energy
  5. Clearview Energy
  6. Verde Energy
  7. North American Power
  8. Spark Energy
  9. Sunwave Gas And Power
  10. Town Square Energy

Why Should You Switch?    

There are several reasons why switching electricity suppliers makes sense.

  • It is free to switch to an alternate electricity provider. You do not need to pay any expenses and charges.
  • Generally, competitive power suppliers will offer you the same energy at a lower rate.
  • There will be no interruption in service at all.
  • Long-term fixed rates offer rate security for a specific length of time.





Some Questions to Ask   

How much is your fixed rate?

How long is the term?

What is the cancellation fee?

Is there any enrollment fee?

What happens to my rate at the end of my term?

Do you have any extra promotions?

The Final Word    

Finding and switching  power suppliers becomes quite easy  if you know how to do it. You need to find a supplier who is competitive with great customer service. There are many reputable companies to choose from each with different rates terms and details.  Be sure to compare your options and make the best decision for your home or business.