What types of plans can I switch to?

There are several plan types to choose from when switching to a new supplier. You will want to consider these options before choosing a plan.


These plans offer a fixed rate for a set term with or without a cancellation fee. Fixed rate plans are the most popular choice amongst customers in deregulated markets providing rate security and easy to calculate savings.


These plans offer rates that may fluctuate on a month to month basis. If you don’t plan to look at your bill each month to see what you were charged, you may want to lean towards a fixed rate plan instead.


These promotional plans offer a low rate for the first month and then move to a variable rate typically which is higher than the first month promotional rate.

In addition to these, you may also see options for plans with a higher percentage of renewable energy, however, most plans already have a certain percentage of renewable energy included which is mandated by each state and increases on an annual basis.