Baltimore Gas And Electric

Baltimore Gas and Electric has a rich history, as it was founded in 1816 as the nation's first gas utility company (though it was known as the Gas Light Company of Baltimore at that time). Over the next nearly 200 years, BGE grew, consolidated with small companies, merged with larger companies and changed its name. Today BGE is an Exelon company that serves 1.2 million electric customers and 650,000 gas customers across a 2300 square mile territory in central Maryland.​​​​​​​

Up until energy deregulation in Maryland in 1999, Baltimore Gas and Electric provided “Standard Offer Services” for all of their customers, meaning they supplied, transmitted and delivered the power. Today, however, the MD electric choice program allows BGE customers to shop alternative MD electric suppliers, of which there are currently over 40 suppliers actively accepting new customers. Indeed, consumers can even supply their own power if they choose.​​​​​​​

BGE customers take part in the MD electric choice program for variety of good reasons, including:

  • Obtaining lower MD electric rates.
  • The ability to choose MD electric suppliers who offer renewable (green) energy sources.
  • The ability to work with suppliers who offer flexible payment terms or other contractual perks.

Baltimore Gas and Electric consumers who choose to work with alternative MD electric suppliers remain customers of BGE. That's because BGE is still responsible for delivering the power, maintaining the lines and other infrastructure that make delivery possible, responding to emergencies like downed power lines and outages, handling customer service inquires and taking care of billing.​​​​​​​

As such, those customers who take advantage of the MD electric choice program will not experience any penalties, disruptions to their service or other hassles. Even if the alternative MD electric supplier's company goes out of business, the consumer won't experience any disruptions because the power supply automatically defaults back to BGE's Standard Offer Service. And that means that the only change savvy consumers will see are lowered MD electric rates on their bill and/or the ability to have their home or business powered by greener energy sources.