With over 1.2 million customers distributed across 149 towns and cities, Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) is the state’s largest electrical utility company. It’s also one of the longest-running power companies, since it’s been serving the residents of CT for over 100 years. Since deregulation in Connecticut began over a decade ago, CL&P has been educating it’s customers about the opportunity to switch CT electric suppliers.​​​​​​

As one of the top CT electric suppliers, Connecticut Light and Power is committed to:

  • Keeping its transmission rates low.
  • Procuring low CT electric rates via its CT electric choice program.
  • Investing in development and infrastructure.
  • Taking care of the environment.

Connecticut Light and Power customers may opt for "Standard Offer Service," which means that CL&P both supplies and delivers power. However, deregulation in CT means that CL&P customers also have the option to lower their CT electric rates by choosing from among several alternative CT electric suppliers.

Specifically, the CT electric choice program allows CL&P customers to choose from well over a dozen alternative suppliers, including well-known names such as PPG, Choice Energy, MX Energy, Viridian, Constellation, Spark Energy, Verde Energy and many more.

Keep in mind that not all CT electric suppliers provide competitive rates. For example, some companies promise CT electric rates with a monthly estimated savings of $6 during the introductory promotional rate. However, these savings evaporate once the promotional period is over.

Bottom line: when you're looking at your CT electric choice program options, be sure that you take note of whether the estimated savings are for promotional plans, fixed- rate plans or variable-rate plans. And be sure to ask questions, such as:

  • What will your CT electric rates be after the promotional period is over?
  • When does the promotional period end?
  • How will my usage affect these rates?
  • Does an early-termination fee apply if I want to terminate the contract before it expires?