United Illuminating

United Illuminating (UI) formed in 1899 when two power companies merged: the New Haven Electric Company and the Bridgeport Electric company. Today United Illuminating offers utility services to over 325,000 residential, business and industrial customers in Bridgeport, New Haven and the greater regions surrounding these cities.

Due to deregulation in Connecticut, United Illuminating customers get the chance to lower their CT electric rates by participating in the CT electric choice program. While many of the top CT electric suppliers do offer substantial savings for United Illuminating customers, that's not the case with all suppliers. That’s because introductory and other promotional rates may make an offer look attractive, but once the introductory rate ends (which could be in as little as one month), the customer may lose all savings. As such, consumers need to compare rates to see which supplier delivers the biggest savings for their usage.

There are well over a dozen CT electric suppliers that United Illuminating customers can choose from as part of the Connecticut electric choice program. These alternative suppliers include some big and well-known companies in the energy industry, such as Con Edison Solutions, Choice Energy, Viridian, Ambit Energy, Constellation Energy, Verde Energy, Spark energy and several others. However, the deregulation in Connecticut also opened the door for plenty of other energy companies to enter the market, so United Illuminating customers can also choose from among some smaller yet very competitive CT electric suppliers.

​​​​​​​Do take note that your CT electric rates will vary depending on whether you choose a variable-rate plan, fixed-rate plan or a promotional plan. If you're quoted promotional rates from CT electric suppliers, be sure to ask these two questions:

  • When do the promotional savings end?
  • What is the regular rate when the promotional period ends?

​​​​​​​Also, be sure to understand whether you're getting a fixed rate or a variable rate. And regardless of what type of plan you choose, ask these CT electric suppliers if there are any cancellation fees for terminating a contract early.