Potomac Electric Power Company (also known as Pepco) is an affiliate of Delmarva Power and Light, as well as being an affiliate of one of the largest East Coast energy-delivery companies, Pepco Holdings, Inc (PHI). Pepco in total serves over 788,000 customers, with 531,000 of these customers living in Pepco's MD territory. Pepco primarily services those living in the Montgomery and Prince George counties of MD.​​​​​​​

Like all utilities in MD, Pepco's customers get to participate in the MD electric choice program. This program came about as the result of energy deregulation in MD in 1999. When the deregulation first occurred, there were only a handful of alternative MD electric suppliers ready to enter the market. Today, Pepco's residential customers have over 100 MD electric suppliers from which they can choose, and business customers have even more options.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Why are so many residents and businesses across Maryland taking part in the MD electrical choice program? Simple: because it gives consumers the ability to lower their MD electric rates and even choose from among several greener MD electrical suppliers. Plus deregulation in Maryland also offers consumers these other advantages:​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Consumers remain Pepco customers. That's right, energy customers who choose to get their energy from alternative MD electric suppliers remain Pepco customers. And that's because Pepco still bills the customers, handles customer inquiries, responds to emergencies, deals with outages, delivers the power, and builds and maintains the necessary infrastructure.
  • No-hassle switching. Consumers who choose alternative MD electric suppliers simply need to have their new supplier inform Pepco about the switch, and it will happen seamlessly within one or two billing cycles.
  • The ability to lock-in savings. Consumers can lower their MD electric rates by switching to a supplier with more competitive rates. And consumers can even lock in these savings by signing longer contracts.

What's more, the alternative MD electric suppliers who work with Pepco are all licensed and registered with the Maryland Public Service Commission. Thus consumers can feel confident about lowering their MD electric rates by shopping alternative suppliers.