When you choose a new electricity or gas supplier, you are simply selecting a competitive energy company to generate your electricity or gas supply instead of the utility. The utility will continue to deliver your energy supply, send your monthly bill to you and provide any maintenance services.

​​​​​​​If you switch to a competitive supplier, their company information will be reflected on your bill along with your new rate once they begin providing your energy supply which can take 1-2 billing cycles after you enroll.

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Step 1: Compare Rates

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Here are a few things you will need to know on your bill:

What to look for on your bill:

Your bill is typically split into a couple of sections including Supply Charges or Generation Charges which will be the charges from your new supplier. This section will show you what your cost/kWh is for your electricity (or therms for gas) and the total supply or generation charge.

you pay your utility bill directly to the utility, they will then provide payment to the third party supplier you have selected.

What to look for on your bill
Supply or Generation
1. Supply or Generation:

The cost to produce the energy you consume. This is the portion of your bill that is affected when you switch energy suppliers. You will be able to see the rate/kWh or therm and also your total kWh's and supply or generation charges.

Delivery or distribution
2. Delivery or distribution

This section will show you charges for the delivery of electricity or gas to your home or business. These charges can not be changed by switching suppliers as they are regulated charges and paid to the utility.

Price to Compare

Price to Compare

Your bill will have a section that refers to your Price to Compare which is the utility's current price per kilowatt hour (or therm for gas) that you can use to compare when you are shopping for a lower rate from available energy suppliers in your area.

Account Identifiers

Each utility uses a different Account Identifier. When you switch electricity or gas suppliers you will use either your Account Number, POD number or Service Number. When you enroll, you will be asked for the appropriate identifier which you can find located on your bill.

Account Identifiers
Meter Read Date

Meter Read Date

Your electricity supplier will always start or stop service on the next possible meter read date. You can see this on your bill and will just want to know that if your meter read date is May 10th and you switch suppliers on May 8th, the supplier will start your service on the next possible meter read date which will be June 10th.