South Jersey Gas

The energy company that would eventually become the South Jersey Gas company started in 1910 when two companies (the Atlantic City Gas Company and the Atlantic City Gas and Water Company) merged. After another series of acquisitions, the South Jersey Gas company was formed in 1948. Today SJG, whose parent company is South Jersey Industries, serves 350,000 customers in 112 municipalities that covers about 2500 square miles. The service area, which encompasses about 1/3 of New Jersey, includes the Cape May, Salem, Cumberland and Atlantic counties. It also includes parts of Burlington County, Gloucester County and Camden County.​​​​​​​

After the 1999 energy deregulation in New Jersey, the South Jersey Gas company was able offer more freedom and flexibility to its customers. That's because customers could often procure lower NJ natural gas rates by comparing rates among various NJ natural gas suppliers. Shortly after 1999 there were only a handful of NJ gas suppliers from which consumers could choose. However, today the South Jersey Gas company consumers can select from among over three dozen different NJ natural gas suppliers.​​​​​​​

Why do so many South Jersey Gas company customers switch? Here are two good reasons:​​​​​​​

  1. Customers save money. Being that there are over three dozen NJ natural gas suppliers serving the same area as SJG, rates are quite competitive among these energy companies. Thus SJG customers can usually find lower NJ gas rates by comparing rates among suppliers.
  2. Customers get to stay with SJG. Some SJG customers have been customers all their lives. Indeed, their parents and grandparents were customers too. The good news is that SJG encourages their customers to seek out alternative NJ gas suppliers. That's because SJG is primarily in the business of delivering energy, while it leaves the business of supplying energy to its partners.

​​​​​​​Most consumers find that switching is seamless, quick and easy – and well worth it when they see the lowered NJ natural gas rates on their bill.