PPL Electric

PPL Electric (which was originally known as Pennsylvania Power and Light, or PP&L), serves 29 counties and 1.4 million customers across central and eastern Pennsylvania. To meet this demand, PPL maintains 48,000 miles of electric lines. And while they’ve been a leader in the energy field for the last three decades, they continue to lead as they invest $30 billion into new infrastructure and new technologies that will serve their customers even better in the future.​​​​​​​

Pennsylvania's electric choice program came about in 1997 when the state deregulated electricity and consumers were given the freedom to choose a competitive electric supplier different than the utility in an effort to lower their PA electric rates. It took a number of years for the market to become competitive and for customers to become aware of the potential savings.  Now, millions of Pennsylvania electric customers have switched to alternative PA power suppliers and are paying less for the same power. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

PPL is one of the most competitive electricity territories in Pennsylvania with numerous competitive offers to choose from.  When choosing a supplier and rate, you want to know if it is fixed or variable, if there is a cancellation fee and the length of any fixed term.  Customers can save a significant amount on their utility bills by making an educated choice for their home or business and participating in the PA power switch movement.​​​​​​​