Rockland Electric

Rockland Electric Company is a subsidiary of Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc, which also owns Pike County Light and Power Company. Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc got its beginnings in 1899. From that time onward, the company merged with and purchased smaller companies. Today Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc serves around 750,000 customers, with just over 72,000 of them being served by the Rockland Electric Company in northern New Jersey.​​​​​​​

While the Rockland Electric Company used to focus on being a full-service company which supplied, transmitted and delivered electricity, today its main focus is on delivering electricity. This change in focus happened shortly after 1999, when energy deregulation in New Jersey allowed Rockland Electric customers to seek out alternative New Jersey electric suppliers.​​​​​​​

Initially, Rockland Electric Company customers had very few options when it came to lowering their New Jersey electric rates. Today, however, customers can compare rates at over 30 alternative New Jersey electric suppliers. Thus Rockland Electric Company customers who take advantage of the NJ electric choice program enjoy the following benefits:​​​​​​

  • Same great power delivery service from Rockland Electric. Whether there's an outage or just a question about a bill, customers deal with the same company they've known and trusted for years.
  • Lowered NJ electric rates. With over 30 NJ electric suppliers vying for the business of those living in northern New Jersey, you can bet that most customers are able to lower their NJ electric rates significantly.
  • Just one bill. Even though Rockland Electric customers may pick an alternative NJ electric supplier, they still get just one bill which is invoiced through Rockland Electric.

Best all, switching is seamless. Customers won't experience any service disruptions when they take advantage of the NJ electric choice program. Indeed, usually the only changes customers see are the lowered NJ electric rates on their power bill.