PECO Energy

PECO, a subsidiary of Exelon, is one of the nation’s largest utility companies, serving 485,000 natural gas customers and 1.6 million electric customers over 2100 square miles.​​​​​​​

Since the PA power switch program and the similar natural gas choice programs were introduced in the late 1990’s after deregulation in Pennsylvania, PECO’s customers have been able to shop electric suppliers in PA, thereby giving these customers the freedom to choose from alternative PA electric suppliers and PA natural gas suppliers instead of using the local utility for supply and delivery.​​​​​​​

Here are the benefits of the PA electric choice program and natural gas choice program:

  • Lower PA electric rates.  Those who shop electric suppliers in PA (as well as natural gas suppliers) can often lower the rates they pay for the supply (generation) of this energy.  Just be sure to shop multiple suppliers in order to obtain the lowest possible PA electric rates and gas supplier rates.
  • More flexibility.  Customers can choose to get a single itemized bill from PECO, which separately lists the PECO’s services (transmission and distribution) apart from the supply portion of the bill. Alternatively, PECO customers who participate in the PA power switch can choose to get two separate bills – one from PECO for delivery of power and one from the PA electric suppliers who generate the electricity and/or natural gas.
  • Same great PECO service.  Even if you choose one of the alternative PA electric suppliers or natural gas suppliers, PECO still delivers the energy, maintains the infrastructure, handles outages and takes care of billing, set up and other customer inquiries.

​​​​​​​If you shop electric suppliers in PA or natural gas suppliers, how much you save is going to depend on your usage as well as the supplier you choose.