What’s ahead for Energy Rates in 2015?



Energy rates in the US are going up fast. Rates have been consistently going up every single year, but next year is expected to see an especially sharp rise. Energy rates in 2015 for Chicago, for example, are expected to increase the average energy bill by $130; energy suppliers in Connecticut and Nevada are seeking…

Following in Europe’s Energy Footsteps



For decades, energy rates in the US have been rising at a breakneck pace. Europe, however, is seeing a distinctly different trend in its energy market. The countries surrounding Germany, for example, have benefited from five straight months of energy price reduction. In March alone, the Platts Continental Power Index (CONT)—Europe’s measure of how energy…

How should utilities view solar?



Solar energy is growing rapidly in the United States. Due to its very nature, solar expansion will dramatically transform the face of the energy market in this country. As such, the energy suppliers in the US have to start making adjustments. So how should utilities view solar? How many energy suppliers in the US currently…

Lower your Business Electricity Rates



This year, electric rates in the US soared to record highs, leaving many businesses with the difficult task of paying exorbitant—sometimes shockingly so—energy bills. Fortunately, if your business is located in either Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Connecticut, there are many ways that you can go about getting lower electric rates. This is due to the…

New York Has the Power to Choose



Thanks to energy industry deregulation, an electric customer in the state of New York has the power to choose their own NY electric supplier.  This is very exciting news since before deregulation occurred, the people of New York were required like other states, to use whatever utility supplier provided electricity to the specific area that…

The Most Popular Electric Plans in the US



When it comes to their electric bill, people love saving. And with United States electricity cost averaging about $1,300 per year via an average US electric rate of 11.88 cents per kWh in 2012, there is plenty of room to reduce the price. One way that many electricity customers are cutting costs and keeping more…

Summer Energy Bills



Summer is here. Since the wait is over, there is nothing left to do except kick back, enjoy the seasonally bright, sunny weather, and crank up the AC. That last step, though, although necessary, is going to cost you a lot of money. Let’s face it: your summer energy bills are going to be higher…

Energy Storage Will Change the Future



How much energy we need as a whole varies greatly on a daily basis. However, in order to make sure that we will always have enough to power our homes, public buildings and businesses, the electric suppliers in the US are required to produce at least the maximum amount of energy that we could use…

Energy Trends by State



Thanks to dwindling fossil fuel resources, an ostensible environmental mandate, rising energy prices and rapid advancements in renewable energy resources, the energy industry is changing very fast. In eight states in particular, the energy industry is completely transforming. In this article we will take a look at the energy industry trends in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland,…

What types of plans can I switch to?



There are several plan types to choose from when switching to a new supplier. You will want to consider these options before choosing a plan. FIXED RATE PLANS These plans offer a fixed rate for a set term with or without a cancellation fee. Fixed rate plans are the most popular choice amongst customers in…