For commercial customers using over 20,000 kWh / month.

New Jersey Electric Rates and Suppliers

As a New Jersey resident or business, you have the opportunity to choose a competitive electricity or gas supplier to generate your energy supply at a lower rate instead of using your utility for all of your energy needs. It is easy to switch to a new supplier and it has many benefits including: no fees to switch, no interruption in service and you will continue to receive the same bill from your utility. The utility also continues to handle delivery and maintenance services.

How Do I Switch My Electricity or Gas Supplier?

Make the Switch USA provides New Jersey residents and businesses with a trusted resource to compare and switch to a low rate energy supplier. We provide you with a detailed comparison of the most competitive offers available and make it easy to switch to the plan that best works for you.

1. Compare Rates. You can view the current rates available to you by using our comparison tool. There are several options from short term fixed rates, long term fixed rates, variable rates and renewable energy plans.

2. Select Plan and Enroll. Once you decide on the rate plan that works best for your needs, simply select it and complete the enrollment form. That's it. The new supplier will notify the utility and if you have a different supplier than the utility, they will notify them of your switch to a new company. To switch, you will just need a copy of a recent electricity or gas bill from with your account information.

3. Save. Your new supplier will start within a month or so of your enrollment so you will see it on your bill in 1-2 billing cycles. Compare NJ rates now!

New Jersey Utility Customers Continue to Save Money!

New Jersey has some of the highest energy rates in the country which has helped fuel the need for competition and lower energy rates in the state. Since deregulation came about in the late 1990's, New Jersey has offered residents and businesses the option to switch to a competitive energy supplier to generate your power or gas supply instead of using the utility. Over a half million New Jersey utility customers have switched to a new gas or electricity supplier and more and more switch every day and will continue to take advantage of the increasing number of competitive energy offers available. Compare NJ electric or gas rates now.

  • Bounce Energy
  • Commerce Energy
  • ConEdison Solutions
  • Direct Energy
  • Discount Power
  • Gateway Energy
  • Infinite Energy
  • Just Energy
  • Constellation
  • North Americal Power
  • Spark Energy
  • Verde Energy USA
  • YEP Energy